Surrey Street Lighting Off Grid Renewable Energy

Wind turbine and solar panels help cut carbon emissions by powering street sign lights in trial.

Milestone Infrastructure has taken part in a trial to power sign lights using a wind turbine and solar panels as part of our commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Working with Surrey County Council (SCC), we have been exploring emerging technologies as potential replacements to the existing street lighting network across the county.

With SCC, we engaged with Kight Off Grid Solutions who provided us with a column consisting of three solar panels and a wind turbine in a trial designed to provide complete, renewable energy for the sign lights on a busy roundabout in Epsom.

The column includes a standalone hybrid solar photovoltaic wind turbine with a solar charge controller, battery storage and smart controls.

This innovative design means that the solar panels are self-cleaning, ensuring sufficient solar generation while guaranteeing the three sign lanterns are operational throughout the year.

The wind turbine is made with marine grade materials, increasing its lifespan.

Rolling out the technology across the county could save even more carbon if another 20 standalone hybrid photovoltaic wind turbines were installed, replacing at least 60 traditionally powered sign lights, through clean energy generation.

Just one column will save around 30kg of carbon each year, as well as providing a small reduction in Surrey’s energy bills. As a standalone system contained within the roundabout it is much easier to maintain, and removes the costs and disruption associated with excavating roads for cable access.

Initial results from the trial have been positive, and we have started to develop options for rolling out the technology across the county. We are also investigating the feasibility of applying it to other uses within Surrey and our other contracts.

This project sends a clear message to Surrey residents, that Milestone Infrastructure and Surrey County Council are committed to minimising carbon emissions and achieving Net-Zero carbon.

Quote from James Quinn, Milestone Senior Project Manager: “Milestone Infrastructure is committed to achieving Net Zero carbon by 2045 and the way we will do that is by consistently exploring renewable and sustainable sources of energy. We’re delighted to have worked with Surrey County Council on trialling this new technology which has already delivered positive results.”

Quote from Surrey County Council: "Surrey County Council is committed to cutting carbon emissions right across our service areas to help us tackle the climate emergency. It is our responsibility to look at alternative, renewable energy sources that protect the environment and this trial shows great promise as it also means less cost and disruption for our motorists."

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