Recently Milestone Infrastructure collaborated with Ringway to help The White Lodge Centre, a charity based in Chertsey that provides services to adults and children living with disabilities.

They provide children’s therapy, short rest breaks, specialists baby and toddler nursery days, physio and specialist support for families. The centre is only one of a few in Surrey and is in constant demand, costing over £2.6 million a year to run, they rely on volunteers and donations to keep the centre going.

Parts of the centre hadn’t been decorated in over twenty years and White Lodge were looking for volunteers to help with this. Milestone and Ringway staff were happy to assist, and the team of volunteers worked throughout the day, painting the large assessment area, which is the first place that children visit upon arrival, and three doctors’ rooms.

Tania Gallagher from the White Lodge Centre said “You all did a fantastic job, and it was a pleasure meeting you and the team. Thank you again for donating all your time, it has made such a difference to our families.”

Thank you to everyone from Milestone Streetlighting team who took part in the day, including James Quinn, Senior Project Manager, Victoria Kelly, Strategic Improvement Manager, George Kang, Apprentice Engineer, Finley Williams, Apprentice Electrician and Marc Zahra, Customer Liaison Officer. Also a huge thank you to the Ringway team for such a successful collaboration.

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