In celebration of National Careers Week, Milestone Infrastructure has been out and about visiting schools and colleges to talk to the potential leaders of the future about what we do and the opportunities we have available.

We’re always looking to welcome new talent, which is why it’s important to us that young people understand who we are and the benefits of pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

As part of our commitment to social value, we work throughout the year to inspire young people, engage with local communities and encourage the engineers of tomorrow.

We have visited many schools, carrying out mock interviews and helping prepare young people for their futures. These sessions show them what kind of questions they may be asked in a job interview. It’s great to be offering young people a safe place to learn these important life skills.

Through these sessions they have an opportunity to learn the importance of positive, confident body language, eye contact and how to link their personal interests and skills to the roles they’re applying for.

Among our many young people starting their careers with us, we have 16 apprentices on the Oxfordshire Highways contract. We encourage our apprentices and graduates to lead talks at the schools/universities they attended. Students find the sessions more engaging because it’s someone they can relate to.

Anna Carver, Trainee Civil Engineer on this contract, recently visited a local school to inspire young women to consider a STEM related career. She believes the key to sparking interest is to figure out what people care about and link it to the work we do.

For example, she discovered escape rooms were a common interest among the students. These involve plenty of problem solving, so Anna highlighted the importance of problem-solving skills in her role as an engineer, helping the students think about how they can use their interests in a professional environment.

Phil Raven, Head of Technical Design on our Oxfordshire contract, said: “The school and college events we do are a great opportunity to highlight the exciting career opportunities available to young people in our industry. It’s fantastic to demonstrate the range of apprenticeships we have on offer at Milestone Infrastructure.

“Explaining to students the impact engineers have on their daily lives helps them to appreciate the positive impact they make to society. We’re proud to encourage our apprentices to take part in these STEM events. It’s so important to have these positive role models inspire the talent of the future.”

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