Milestone Infrastructure has formed its Road Worker Safety Group, to ensure the safety of its people as they carry out their work along the UK’s road networks.

The safety of its workforce, and the public, is Milestone’s number one priority. The Road Worker Safety Group was formed to bring together expertise from across Milestone’s contracts and review what improvements can be made to ensure the safety of its people on site. As a direct objective from Milestone’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing strategic plan: Free From Harm, the Group underlines how Milestone will deliver against its commitment.

The Group, which meets monthly, provides a space to reflect on Milestone’s methods of working. Discussion topics have so far included understanding how to control risks and hazards, and the safety training opportunities Milestone can provide. The Group also analyses its safety data, to understand the level and type of abuse its workforce face and identify focus areas for improvement.

The Group, chaired by Richard Lovewell, Business Director on Milestone’s Oxfordshire Contract, includes representatives from the businesses’ Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Devon, Hampshire, Somerset, Central Beds and Wiltshire contracts. The Group is also pleased to have some of Milestone’s supply chain represented.

Speaking on the importance of the Group, Richard Lovewell, said: “At Milestone, safety is our top priority in all we do for both our workforce and the travelling public. This group is focused specifically on road worker safety and what we can do to continually support them as they carry out their essential highways work.”

Roadworker abuse is a significant issue that many operatives, from Milestone and other highways businesses, face. Highways England revealed that there were nearly 6,500 incidents of abuse between October 2017 and October 2020- an average of 175 a month, with around 330 incidents reported from September 2019 to October 2020, an average of nearly one every day.

Milestone is committed to working towards a future of Safer, Greener Highways, where roadworkers no longer face abuse when carrying out their work.



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