Milestone Infrastructure is continuously assessing how it can operate in a more sustainable manner, in terms of cost and environmental impact. As part of this search for consistent improvement, Milestone Infrastructure has successfully introduced and implemented an innovative new type of bollard made from sugar cane. Working closely with its client, Hampshire County Council, and the supplier of the bollards, TMP Solutions, Milestone Infrastructure assessed the cost and carbon benefits of these alternative, plant-based bollards.

The bollards are made from a plant-based bio polymer, derived from sugar cane, making them lighter and therefore easier for operatives to install. Furthermore, sugar cane absorbs CO2; this ‘carbon capture’ actually removes carbon from the atmosphere, providing a negative carbon footprint. This material is regulated and adheres to local and international standards of sustainability, ensuring arable farming land is not impacted.

As a low-carbon alternative, these bollards are part of Milestone Infrastructure’s ambitious target of achieving Net-Zero carbon by 2040, therefore aligning with the council’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. 

These bollards also offer significant health and safety advantages, primarily through their extraordinary light weight. Weighing just 3.5kg, as opposed to the traditional 70kg of a concrete bollard, this alternative solution reduces the risk of injury for the operatives installing them. Easy to handle and install, these ‘non-crete’ bollards are a safer, lower risk and more efficient solution for our people, overcoming challenges previously faced with manual handling of materials like this.

Simon Watson, Business Director at Milestone Infrastructure, commented: “The implementation of these innovative new bollards is another step forward in our journey towards achieving our environmental targets. Assessing any opportunity to reduce our carbon output is an essential element of this, and the carbon reducing benefits of these alternative bollards make it a no-brainer. We worked closely with our supplier to develop these innovative bollards, and then with our client to identify suitable locations for their installation, and we are pleased to see that they have already demonstrated clear benefits.”

The trial of these bollards is part of a wider commitment by Milestone Infrastructure to ensure sustainable operations which benefit the people of Hampshire. Last year, Milestone Infrastructure opened a recycling centre in Micheldever which will help reduce carbon emissions, cost and travel miles for Milestone Infrastructure and its client.


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