At Milestone Infrastructure, as part of our commitment to social value, we are passionate about supporting local social enterprise businesses, which benefit the communities in which we work.

Our Wiltshire team recently visited Wiltshire Scrapstore, an award winning environmental and community charity, which collects resources that would otherwise go to landfill and redistributes them for creative projects.

Reusing pallets from our depot, the team built 21 bat boxes, which will be sold to help fund Wiltshire Scrapstore’s social enterprise.

These bat boxes will not only help fund the great work achieved by Wiltshire Scrapstore, but also protect the species within the community in which we work.

Earlier this year, we supported Wiltshire Scrapstore in moving their heavy warehouse stock in preparation for its much-needed carpark expansion. Our team volunteered to build and fit metal racking in the charity’s containers, to help with storage and organisation.

Ellie Harrison, Carbon and Environmental Advisor at Milestone Infrastructure, said: “Bat boxes can be really beneficial in terms of encouraging bats into areas where there aren’t many suitable roosting sites. UK bats don’t make their own roosts, they use structures which are already available, so installing bat boxes can help boost bat populations in areas they otherwise wouldn’t be spotted in due to limited roosting sites."

Across Milestone, we work with social enterprise businesses, to ensure that where possible, we’re creating a positive lasting legacy.

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